The xenon gamestarts

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The xenon gamestarts

Сообщение Groundwalker » 07 фев 2011, 20:32

This thread is for the xenon starts' discussion.
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Re: The xenon gamestarts

Сообщение aldebaran_prime » 22 авг 2011, 21:32

I started as hardcore xenon and I'm wondering, if somebody has a tip to increase my xenon race rank?
- I started with +1, but I need +5, to start with the Xenon plot.
The only way to increase my rank is to wait for an invasion fleet and then shoot the one or othe invador ship - but this is very time consuming...
any other idea/tip?
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Re: The xenon gamestarts

Сообщение Криптон » 22 авг 2011, 22:11

You may increase your xenon rank by shooting non-xenon ships in any sector
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